November 26, 2014

posted Nov 26, 2014, 7:38 AM by Suzanne WARDINI

The arts are an essential part of an ISD education. Through our academic program and after-school activities students in all grade levels have the opportunity to develop their artistic, musical, and theatrical talents. The benefits of an arts education go far beyond learning how to draw or play the guitar. Research has shown that quality arts programs improve student achievement. In addition, students who participate in these programs have improved confidence, presentation skills, creativity, critical thinking, ability to work collaboratively, and enjoy school more.

There have been a number of events over the past few weeks, which have highlighted the talent and growth of our students. There was the elementary school production of Aladdin, where over 30 students performed three shows for students, teachers and parents. 

Jaguarts celebrated the middle and high school students work in visual art, drama, and music. Last Friday, over 150 students,teachers and parents enjoyed the talents of 20 different student acts at the Open Mic night sponsored by the grade 12 students. On Tuesday, high school students presented three productions including a two person scene from a play, a improvisation group, and the IB Theater class work in progress, Family. Having visited the classrooms early in the year and then seeing the students work months later, you can see how much they have improved.

We are looking for ways to expand and improve our arts program to better serve the students. Two of the Strategic Planning Goal Committees are examining how to improve the arts programs and facilities as well as ways to help students discover their talents and passion. The Visual and Performing Arts Department are working to improve the school’s performance facilities through the 2015-2016 budget process. We are very proud of our arts program and the growth of our students in the arts. However, we are expecting bigger and better things from them and the school’s arts program in the future!

Dr. Alan Knobloch