October 11, 2013

posted Oct 12, 2013, 2:38 AM by Suzanne WARDINI

Dear Parents and the ISD Community,

School Holidays and Tabaski

Next week the school will be on holiday Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, with Wednesday predicted as the date to celebrate Tabaski.  School will be in session on Thursday and Friday as usual.  It has been a busy start to the year and I imagine many of you will take the opportunity for a bit of rest and relaxation.   

Beware of Dangers Along the Corniche 

Yesterday there was an attempted robbery and assault near the roundabout on the Corniche next to school.  Around 2:45 a woman walking along the road was stopped and threatened by a man, who subsequently fled when several vehicles stopped upon hearing her call for help.  Evidently such assaults take place along the Corniche occasionally, and during holiday times crime rises around the city.  Runners along the Corniche between Sea Plaza, the Mosque and the roads to Mamelles report such incidents, particularly at nightfall and during the night.  Please beware of these conditions. 

Several organizations have warned of the holiday related rise in crime.  Advice includes taking extra precautions regarding walking alone, locking houses and doors, keeping car doors locked during travel to avoid thefts at stopping points and the like.  This is unfortunate, but I feel it is important to keep you alerted to such conditions.  Do pay special attention and take extra care over the coming days.  


Paul Olson