October 31, 2013

posted Oct 31, 2013, 8:32 AM by Suzanne WARDINI   [ updated Oct 31, 2013, 9:41 AM ]


Congratulations to the ISD Board and Community for the successful recruitment of Dr. Alan Knobloch as the next long-term Director of ISD.  The Search Committee developed and implemented a well-organized process that solicited input for all quarters of the school community, even as it presented the school wonderfully to the candidates.  By initiating the process early the Search Committee was able to draw upon a very strong, highly competitive pool of administrators from around the world.  We have an excellent match in a leader who shares our ambitions for this growing and maturing international school.  This unified effort on the part of the school community has brought us together in our strengths, setting a positive course for the good of ISD in the coming school years. 

I look forward to communicating frequently with Dr. Knobloch in the coming months in preparing for his transition to ISD this summer.  We will be working together closely on strategic planning and in recruiting staff for the coming school year, even as his family prepares to join our community. 

              Trick or Treat

I was happy to receive a number of very delightfully costumed Pre-School children this morning as they came to my office seeking “trick or treats”.   They will be having a great day, to be sure, and an amusing, “scary” evening.  Many had wonderful Halloween poems and spooky sounds to try and scare me, too.  It’s such a pleasure to see the little ones so excited and happy on this special day. 


Thanks to the many improvements in our water distribution system and careful monitoring of the situation, we have managed to get through these past few days with plenty of water on campus.  We trust that the new repairs on the water mains coming to the city will be completed this weekend and that we can return to normal next week.  We remain ready, however, to continue to implement our water conservation methods and communications should they be needed.