October 3, 2014

posted Oct 3, 2014, 6:09 AM by Suzanne WARDINI
I am pleased to announce that the Board of Directors unanimously approved our revised guiding statements and three strategic areas. A team of students, parents, teachers, administrators and board members met once in last spring and twice in September. Community feedback was solicited and over 320 people responded to the survey about the strategic areas including many of you.

After much discussion and collaboration, the Core Planning Team approved by consensus the guiding statements and strategic areas. The guiding statements are more commonly known as vision, mission and philosophy. They define the purpose of the organization and what the members want the organization to become.

Guiding Statements

International School of Dakar
Challenge  *  Create   *  Change

Who We Are: (Mission)
ISD is a diverse community of learners that fosters creativity, open-mindedness, responsibility and excellence. As an IB World School, ISD promotes student achievement and global citizenship.

What We Believe: (Philosophy)
A well-rounded and rigorous program of academics, arts and athletics builds a foundation for life-long learning and fulfillment. A collaborative culture enhances individual development and effective communication. Inspired teaching leads to personal accomplishment and growth. A successful learner has the courage to tackle complex problems and be of service to others. Creative opportunities encourage students to become responsible leaders and to discover their talents and passions.

Strategic Areas
ISD students should …

1. Be well rounded in all aspects of education: academic, artistic, sports, and service.

2. Discover their talents and passions.

3. Be responsible leaders in a complex and changing world.

Next Steps
The next step is to form a committee to develop goals and action plans for each strategic area. The school will focus on these goals as a way to improve the school. While some action plans will be implemented in a few months, achieving the goals may take up to 3 years or more.

We are inviting students, parents, teachers and administrators to serve on one of the three committees for the next six to eight weeks. Each committee will have a facilitator.

Please send me an email (alan@isd.sn) if you would be interested in serving on one of the strategic committees and if you are willing to serve as the facilitator for the committee.

I would like to thank the members of the Core Planning Team for all of their creativity and hard work in developing the guiding statements and strategic areas.

Facilitator: Benjamin Bynum
Parents: Leonie Broekstra, Ratiba Cherif, Gilles Meura
Teachers: Gina Barker, Peter Burnside, Sandra Goldsborough, Emily Grimes, Marc Guillaume, Adja Sakho
Students: Victoire Cointy, Noah Knobloch, Jean Macrae
Board Members: Vesna De La Borde, Allyson Gardner, James Garry, Grainne Macrae
Administrators: Brad Bell, Ian Clark, Ibrahima Fall, Alan Knobloch

Dr. Alan Knobloch