September 26, 2014

posted Sep 25, 2014, 8:12 AM by Suzanne WARDINI   [ updated Sep 25, 2014, 8:13 AM ]
Director’s Goals
Below are my professional goals for my first year at ISD. The goals were developed based on the Board’s goals for the year, parent and faculty surveys conducted last spring, and my reflections on what I have observed at the school last spring and since arriving in August. Periodically, through the year, I will update you on my progress in these areas.

1. In collaboration with the Business Manager, finance team, and Board of Directors, ensure accurate financial planning and streamline the budget process.

2. Provide leadership to the Core Strategic Planning Team as they develop a new strategic plan.

3. Assist in the implementation of year two of the International Baccalaureate Program.

4. In collaboration with the building principals, ensure high professional practice in the classrooms.

5. Improve my French conversation and literacy skills through regular lessons.

Conversations with Parents
As I noted in last week’s journal, to help me learn more about the school and what the parents think, I invite all parents to schedule a 20 minute meeting to meet with me individually, so I can learn more about your child(ren), what you like about ISD and what you may want to see changed. 

To arrange a time for us to meet, contact Suzanne Wardini ( or stop by the office. If you are more comfortable speaking in French at our meeting, I will make sure I have someone to help us translate. I look forward to meeting as many parents as possible.
Comme mentionné dans mon article du Jaguar Journal de la semaine dernière, pour m'aider à apprendre plus sur l'école et ce que les parents pensent, j'invite tous les parents d’ISD à prendre un rendez-vous de 20 minutes avec moi individuellement. Cela me permettra d’apprendre plus au sujet de votre enfant(s), ce que vous aimez à propos d’ISD, et ce que vous voudriez voir changer.

Pour fixer un rendez-vous, veuillez prendre contact avec Suzanne Wardini ( ou passez par le bureau. Si vous êtes plus à l’aise à vous exprimer en français, quelqu'un sera présent à la réunion pour traduire. J'attends avec plaisir de rencontrer autant de parents que possible.

Dr. Alan Knobloch