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Elementary News: April 18

posted Apr 17, 2014, 10:06 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Apr 18, 2014, 4:40 AM ]
Dear Parents,

We had a lot of fun learning about Senegalese music this week, and WCM moves into it's final phase next week. The next item on the horizon is on Tuesday when we come back. That is the ES Earth Day. Please remember to send the children wearing green and with a waste-free lunch. More below....


1. Earth Day: On Tuesday April 22...

- 8:45-11:30: Green activities in grades, rotating through different teachers
- 11:30-12:10: Earth Day Assembly in gym
- WASTE-FREE LUNCH (see below)
- Green Specials sessions
- Green Display in library
- You can read about the worldwide 2014 Earth Day organization here.   

2. Earth Day Goals: Following Tuesday's Earth Day, we want to leave some things behind. In the assembly, we will outline the following:
a) Recycling one-sided paper for reuse in classes (Gr 3-5 will collect and distribute)
b) Recycling two-sided paper into bricks that can be burned for fuel (with the help of Mr. Kinkhabwala in MS)
c) Planting plants which will brighten the wall opposite the Pre-K rooms (we are currently caring for these in classes)
d) Starting the organic waste bins in certain locations in school
e) Setting up an aquaponics tank to grow lettuce (thanks to Mr. Burnside in HS)

3. Waste-free Lunch - Tuesday April 22: The idea of Monday's waste-free lunch is to have a day when we produce no garbage. Please send your child's lunch in a reusable container, and there should be no disposable wrapping inside at all. That is the goal - nothing that will be thrown awayHere is a link to a website that might give some ideas. Shady will also be sending over only reusable materials with the food for his lunches on Tuesday, too.

4. World Cultural Month Finale: Here is the running order for the final afternoon of World Cultural Month....

5. Senegalese Art Week: Here are some photos of the art and crafts that we learned about in our Art classes last week:

Senegalese Art Week

6. Artisans on Campus: We also visited some artisans who came to work here for a few days under the tree and share their craft:

Artisans under the tree

7. Making Musical Instruments: Some musicians came to see us and play. We also got to make some instruments:

Instrument Making

8. Senegalese Lunch: Dressing up was fun, and eating was even better:

Senegalese Lunch

9. K-2 Musical Assembly: Finally, on Friday, the K-2 classes had a special interactive musical assembly playing the kora, djidunun (calabash water drum) and others:

10. Final Parent Workshop - Resiliency: Pam Pelliccia, our elementary counselor will present a workshop entitled; Building Resilience in Your Child on Tuesday, April 29th from 8:30 am-9:30 am in the Conference Room (2nd floor of the Administration building). The mindset of resiliency is the ability to recover from setbacks; the quality of bouncing back. Resilient people see challenges as opportunities. The workshop will combine information sharing and group discussion to identify strategies to teach your child resiliency. Please do come along - there will be coffee!!

11. Elementary School Summer Camp: There will be a note heading home on Wednesday next week to find out the interest level for an Elementary School Summer Camp. If there is enough interest, this will run from 9:00am - 3:00pm on June 16-20. This is only for Pre-K - Gr 5 students who are currently attending ISD. For those new to the school, we ran the same day camp last year which was also coordinated by Ms. Bockarie. There is a lot more information on the flier which will be sent next week.

12. Art Salon: Mark in your diaries the 2nd Annual Art Salon, where all of our K-5 art through the school will be on display after school on April 30 from 5:30-7:15. More on that next week.

Upcoming Events: 

- April 21: Easter Holiday (SCHOOL CLOSED)

- April 22: Earth Day

- April 24: AGM

- April 25: WCM Final Day

- April 29: ES Parent Workshop

- April 30: KG B Assembly

- April 30: 2nd Annual Arts Salon

- May 1: May Day (SCHOOL CLOSED)

- May 2: 3C Assembly

- May 12: Gr 2-5 MAP Testing

- May 16: PD Day (1/2 DAY)

Ian Clark

Ian Clark Ed.D.

Elementary School Principal

International School of Dakar