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Elementary News: April 19

posted Apr 19, 2013, 3:56 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Apr 19, 2013, 4:40 AM ]

Dear Parents,

A big thank you to these who went as a chaperone on the Gr 4 overnight trip to Thies. I hear it was a success and hope to have photos next week. I should also mention those of you who are thinking of manning a booth at the WCM final day next week - we do appreciate all our parents do!! Before then, we'll be busy on Monday when the ES will be celebrating Earth Day. More below....  

Earth Day: On Monday April 22, ISD Elementary celebrates Earth Day. We will be working with the children to raise their awareness of sustainability; reducing our waste; recycling and reusing what we can; and generally caring for the local and worldwide environment. This is the first time we will have focused on the day, so we are excited to Go Green! Below are some of the activities:

- 8:45-11:30: Fun green activities in grades, rotating through different teachers
- 11:40-12:10: Earth Day Assembly in gym (sharing our Earth Day pledges)
- WASTE-FREE LUNCH (see below)
- Specials including Dr. Canacla speaking with Gr 1-4 Francophone children and other green French/specials lessons
- Gr 3-5 will attend environmental presentations from Mr. Burnside's HS students
- Green Display in library hosted by Ms. Chalier
- You can read about the worldwide Earth Day organization here.   

Waste-free Lunch - Monday: The idea of Monday's waste-free lunch is to have a day when we produce no garbage. Please send your child's lunch in a reusable container, and there should be no disposable wrapping inside at all. That is the goal - nothing that will be thrown away. Here is a link to a website that might give some ideas. Shady will also be sending over only reusable materials for his food on Monday, too.

World Culture Day - Friday: On Friday April 26, we will be having the following activities:

9:00-12:00        Students visit Booths of Nations

12.10-12.50       Lunch as normal

12:50-1:20         ES in rooms

1:30 pm             Gr 3 drumming, Gr 2 play and dance 

2:00 pm             Philip Monteiro - musician

2:30 pm             Parade of Nations

3:15 pm             Head to Class

Communal Lunch: We gathered as an Elementary community to join the rest of the school staff in a communal lunch on Tuesday. Here are some photos:

Communal Lunch

Click here for some more photos on the ISD Facebook page.

Senegalese Art Week - Exhibition: More photos from the art exhibition. This was a showcase for the pieces that the children created in their Senegalese Art classes:

Art Week - Final Show

ISD Fashion on Parade: ISD was filled with beautiful fabrics on Thursday, as we dressed to celebrate Senegalese style. If you click here you will go to the school Facebook page, where Tony Watters has downloaded his photos. Unfortunately, I appear to be on the first photo page. Lucky me.

Commonsense Media: Our ES Counselor, Ms. Ermanovics would like to share a web site that gives a lot of good information relating to the use of technology, such as the internet, but our children. Click here for a link to Commonsense Media

Pre-K 3 Trip to Hoballah Store: Ms. Marje, Ms. Dede and Ms. Gage took our Pre-K 3 children to experience money and organizing shopping in a visit to Hoballah's Store on the Corniche. Here are some photos:

Hobollah Visit

Lock-in: A big thank you to Ms. Zahrobsky and the HS students whjo are running this evening's Lock-in. 

Gr 4/5 Volleyball Coaching: On a final note, thanks to Ms. Chang & Mr. Gerard are coaching the Gr 4 & 5 volleyball. This continues our aim to raise the profile of Elementary sports, and the children are focusing on an upcoming tournament in May. 

Upcoming Events:

- April 19-20: Gr 4 & 5 Lock-in
- April 22: ES Earth Day (Kids Wear Green!!)
- April 22: Waste-free Lunch
- April 24: Semi-Annual General Meeting
- April 24: French Institute Visit
- April 26: WCM Final Day
- April 29 & 30: IB Accreditation Visit
- May 1: School Closed - Labor Day
- May 2: Pre-K 4B Assembly & Board Meeting
- May 3: 4S Assembly
- May 4: Gaucher Academy Soccer Tournament
- May 6: Gr 5 to 6 Parent Transition Meeting
- May 7: Board Meeting
- May 9: School Closed: Ascension
- May 10: Gr 3-5 Disco
- May 13-22: Gr 2-5 Spring MAP Tests
- May 15: DELF testing day at Lycée Mermoz
- May 16: Whole School Art Show 
- May 17: Faculty Professional Development: 12:00 Dismissal