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Elementary News: April 8

posted Apr 7, 2011, 3:02 AM by Unknown user

Dear Parents,

Assemblies, field trips, drum practices, dance practices, gardening, movie visits, publishing parties, bake sales, book clubs, poetry slams, new bulletin board decoration.... all these happened in the last week at ISD outside the regular classroom! I am currently watching a group practicing a Senegalese dance near the Pagoda, and I just saw a class rehearsing a drum performance. Both will be shared at the World Cultural Day at the end of the month. 

Also, an apology from me if I don't see you around as much as I would like, I now have my foot in a cast and am restricted by crutches due to a broken bone in my ankle. I'll be at the gate as much as I can, but it takes a little while longer to get there!

Other notes:

1.      Office Communication: We used the "emergency text message" system recently to alert for a late arrival of the French moviegoers. This is a facility whereby we can text a list of numbers from our database, so please ensure your numbers are up to date, as this system is key if we have important messages to send to all. Also, a reminder that absentees can be passed on to Celeste at celestes@isd.sn or 33-825-0187/33-860-2332 
2.       Samusocial Wish-list: Our 4th grade students are currently spending time on Thursdays at Samusocial. We have had a request from Helen Manning, who works with the children, for some toys for both play and counseling. These can brought to the ES Office, or Ms. Philen's room. In particular the following are needed: 
            -a black baby doll ( with clothes and a bottle if possible).
            -an ambulance
            -a truck that can be loaded.
            -several Barbie and Ken dolls with clothes ( black dolls if possible but not necessary). 
            -a sword, handcuffs toys.
            -a super hero mask.
            -doctor tools.
            -doll house furniture.
            -a small mirror.
            -plastic farm animals ( sheep, cows, horses ,dogs, cats).
            -plastic African wild animals ( crocodile, lion, elephant, hyena, monkey...).
-doll plastic plates, glasses, knives, forks, spoons, equipment to cook.
4.       Picture Books and Comprehension: When we reading, "connecting what we read to what we know is one of the foundations of comprehension"; text-to-text, text-to-self, and text-to-world, for example. This is drawn out further by an interesting article by Monika Schroeder, a former teaching colleague of mine, turned author. Please read here for more on her ideas toward the art of using picture books to aid comprehension. 
3.       Pre-K 3 Grocery Visit: Ms. Marje took her Pre-K 3 students on a visit to a local store as part of their current project on food:

Pre 3 Go Shopping!

5.       World Cultural Month: We have already had a great assembly to kick-off the celebrations. Next week, the children will have a special treat in the Art classes, as Mr. Gaucher has arranged for artisans to come and work with the students on two separate art techniques per class. There will also be crafts people working at the school, cultural presentations in class, a Craft Fair on April 28 and we'll end with our WCM booths and other festivities on April 29. Please sign up for a booth if you have yet to!!! Not to mention the upcoming Cultural Dinner. Here are a few presentations given to Ms. Linda's class:

WCM in Pre-K 4

6.       Assemblies: We recently enjoyed assemblies from the Pre-K 4 class and from 3C. Miss Linda's class entertained us with a song, and then the children spent a fun morning with the Kindergarten classes:

Pre-K 4 Assembly

Mrs. Clark's class had a green theme, and they shared their pledges for the upcoming Earth Day. They are now helping each ES class to find their own green pledges:

3C's Green Assembly

7.       Canaclas: The Canaclas that we have around campus are often used by the children, and are a great way to keep down water usage. Dr. Benoit Vanhercke, otherwise known as Dr. Canacla is coming to speak with the 6th grade students on Monday April 18 from 1:30-2:30. Parents are cordially invited to attend.
8.       Bake Sale: Ms. Philen coordinated a recent ES Student Council Bake sale. This was very successful and very tasty. 308,550 CFA was raised, and this will be divided between support for those recovering from the tsunami in Japan, and a to local orphanage. Thanks for your support!


9.       Concerts in the ES: Here are the upcoming concerts for the Elementary School:

- May 24: 6:00pm Gr4-8 Concert

- June 1: 6:00pm K-3 Concert

- June 10: 2:00pm Talent Show (more later!)

8.       School Photos: Mr. Cheikh has given me all the photos not yet claimed. If you would still like your child's photos, but have yet to pay and pick-up, please knock on my door.


Ian Clark 

Ian Clark Ed.D.

Elementary School Principal

International School of Dakar