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Elementary News: August 23

posted Aug 23, 2013, 5:00 AM by Unknown user

Dear Parents,

Welcome to a new year at ISD! Some things are a little different for we old-timers - we have a new administration building, new subjects being offered in the Secondary, an additional Grade 5 class, the addition of the IB program, plus new faculty to get to know - and more to come. One thing that will not change is the welcome that the students will give to their new friends in class. In addition, I am constantly amazed at the amount of time and care all our teachers put into not only the preparation for each day's learning, but evaluating how all the children are progressing. We are lucky to have such a talented faculty here at ISD!

This is the first of my posts to Elementary News. I make regular postings here, and this is one way that I communicate about upcoming events and reflecting on recent happenings in school; I'm looking forward to all that we have planned for you and your children through June!

Have a great year!


1. Two Most Important Notes to Begin

Drop-off and Pick-up: Please adhere to the policy of drop-off no earlier than 8:00am. There is supervision on campus for Elementary School children at the sand playgrounds only after 8:00am. 

Also, the following applies to after-school pickup at 3:30pm:

- If not picked up at 3:30, K - 4 students are taken to the office. There is a sign-out form for late K - 4 parents or guardians to fill in, which we collate daily.

- Elementary students on campus after 3:30 must be with an adult 

- Only Pre-K - 2 students are permitted to play on the sand playground after school - if supervised

- Soccer is not permitted after school (unless with Gaucher's Academy!)

- Pre-K - 5 Students are not permitted to leave campus without an adult

Thank you for adhering to these requests, as they are key to keeping our students safe.

School Facilities Use: New parents, please be aware that there is access to the school pool after 5:00pm weekdays and 10:00am-8:00pm on the weekends. 

Also, students at the pool who are Grade 8 and below must be in attendance with their own parents. Students cannot be in the care of other parents or their nanny or driver. There is a form that must be filled in each year, and it is posted at the end of the Student Parent Handbook linked HERE. Mr. Te Huki, our Athletics Director will help you with any more information you may need.

2. "Welcome Back!"Here are some snaps of our students arriving to start the new school year. Thanks to Ms. Pam, our new ISD Elementary Counselor for the photos:

Opening Morning 2013-14

3. Swim Team Tryouts:  There will be tryouts for the ISD Swim Team for Grades 4-12 on Saturday August 24 from 10:00-12:00. 

4. Updating Emergency Contacts: Please check your contact information on Focus is up to date. If you have any changes in contact details or authorized pick-up people, please let us know. There will be times when an emergency text blast and email is sent, and we want all parents to receive these. 

5. Communication: We try to keep you abreast of all that is happening with your child at ISD. Along with weekly updates such as this, and parent coffees, we have the following formal parent/teacher forms of communication in the Fall:

- September 19: Open House, 5:30

- October 3: K-5 Goal Sharing Conference, 1:00-4:00

- November 20: Report Cards

- November 21/22: Parent Conferences, 1:00-4:00

Please remember you can contact your teachers by email at any time to arrange a meeting. If there is something of importance, it is often better to arrange a time to talk with your child's teacher, rather than catching the teacher as the school day begins. 

6. PTO Welcome CoffeeWe hope new parents in particular can come to the PTO Welcome Coffee. We'll share some things about the school year, and new folks will have a chance to pick up some useful ISD, Dakar and Senegal pointers from our PTO committee. If you are interested in being part of the Parent Teacher Organization, please let us know. 

7. School Spirit: Below is one of our volleyball teams illustrating ISD Spirit and Jaguar Pride on one of our web banners!

Your volleyball days may be long gone, or your child may be too young to join at the moment - but you can always make up by purchasing items in ISD black-and-yellow from the PTO-run Spirit shop. Faculty are wearing our ISD Staff black and yellow today to show you the way! There will be Spirit-themed events through the year where we ask your child to wear black and yellow....

Upcoming Events: 

- August 24: Swim Team Tryouts for Gr 4-12, 10:00am-1200pm
- August 27: PTO Welcome Coffee, 8:30am
- September 4: First PTO Meeting, 8:30am
- September 5: Board Meeting, 6:00pm
- September 6: PTO Welcome Back Cocktail, 6:00apm
- September 19: Elementary School Open House, 5:30pm
- September 23: After School Activities Begin, 3:30-4:10pm
- September 26 & 27: Faculty Professional Development Days, SCHOOL CLOSED

Ian Clark

Ian Clark Ed.D.

Elementary School Principal

International School of Dakar