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Elementary News: December 5

posted Dec 5, 2014, 12:02 AM by Unknown user

Dear Parents,

A very busy week this week, and plenty of pictures below. We are looking forward to the Library Lock-in tomorrow for Gr 4 & 5, and the Santa Sale next Wednesday. Always a lot of fun in the last week before the break...


1. Winter Concerts & Art Exhibitions: Here are some photos from the two concerts this week. Thank you so much for attending these celebrations of learning from the music sessions. We also hope you liked the Art Exhibition:

K-2 Winter Concert

Gr 3-5 Winter Concert

2. Santa Sale: On Wednesday, the students will have an opportunity to purchase gifts valued from 500cfa to 7,000cfa (most from 1,000-4,000cfa). There will be parents helpers in attendance, and if you would like a parent to help your child choose something, please ensure you let us know on the reply slip. I believe the man himself may make an appearance. 

3. Library Lock-in: If you have a Gr 4 or 5 student attending the lock-in, please drop them off at 6:30pm Saturday and be there for pick-up on Sunday at 9:00am. I would like to thank the Senior Class and Djamila Idir for running this. 

4. KG K Assembly: Thanks to KG K for their illustrative Math assembly - what a lot you know about numbers!:

Ms. Christy's Class Assembly

5. Letters of Support for Ebola Workers: Last week, the Gr 4 & 5 students joined the MS and HS students in writing some letters of support to the workers who are battling the ebola outbreak on the ground. These were composed to give the children a chance to offer their support and good wishes, and thanks to Rachel Pregont for coordinating this as CAS Coordinator.

6. Booklist for Boys: I have a couple of new booklists that I would like to share. While boys and girls often love the same material, there are some titles that are more gender-specific. 

Click HERE for the boy's booklist.

7. Booklist for Girls: I have also linked in a list for girls, below....

Click HERE for the girl's booklist.

8. Insect Museums: The 1st Graders have just completed their unit on insects, and if you have a 1st grader, you may feel some relief that bugs are no longer the focus of all you do out of school. Needless to say, this is always a great, fun topic, and they had an end-of unit celebration with their Insect Museums:

Gr 1 Insect Museums

9. WAISAL MS Soccer: We are hosting a second WAISAL tournament in 3 weeks, as we are assisting Ouagadougou in hosting their MS Soccer celebration.

Click the link to the Facebook for WAISAL pictures and updates HERE.

10. Departing Students: We do have some students leaving us next week, and if your child has a friend leaving, we do encourage the children to say goodbyes and make cards. Ms. Pam specifically speaks with the children who are leaving in a lunchtime session, and we do all we can to help with this often difficult transition. One of her favorite stories on change is "Who Moved My Cheese" - the kids' version. See it HERE. 

11. Carols by Candlelight: Finally, to announce a celebration of the cooler evenings and more, in Mr. Tony Watter's hosting of Carols by Candlelight. This will be at school from 6:00pm Saturday Dec. 13. He asks you to bring a blanket or mat to sit on.

Upcoming Events: 

- Dec. 4/5/6 WAISAL MS Soccer
- Dec. 10: Santa Sale
- Dec. 13: Last day before Winter Break
- Jan. 5: School Reopens

Ian Clark

Ian Clark Ed.D.

Elementary School Principal

International School of Dakar