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Elementary News: December 7

posted Dec 7, 2012, 6:37 AM by Unknown user

Dear Parents,

Thank you for taking the time to come to our concerts last week, if you could make it. We hope you enjoyed the new venue - I also hope you can attend tomorrow's formal Opening Ceremony for the new building.


Santa Sale: On Wednesday, Dec. 12 in the Pool Clubhouse, the PTO will be running our annual Santa Sale. The sale of small gifts will run through the day, and students K-5 will have a slot allocated in the day to come and shop. You will receive a slip which you can fill in if you wish your child to have some help in choosing a gift - there will be plenty of parent volunteers there to help. Pre 3 & 4 children may go with parents later, and please drop in if you'd like to shop too! I have attached the slip.

Math Pullout: Ms. Cushing will be offering an additional math pullout support in the mornings to Gr 1-4 children. As we move through the math curriculum, at times different children find different aspects and concepts harder to understand. She'll work with any child in these grades who need an additional support in some area. This is not part of our full Learning Support program, and will be short term only as needed for each math unit, but will add to the targeted support we can give in math.

Sensitivity Workshop: In Gr 3-5 classes Ms. Ervanovics has begun running sessions where students have discussed their own areas of strength, and then looked at how they are different. Through various activities, students were given the chance to experience physical and learning differences, then talk about their experiences. Here are some pictures:

Sensitivity Workshops

New Building Opening Ceremony: This will begin at 4:00pm on Saturday. We look forward to catching up with former director Wayne Rutherford , and yesterday I bumped into Colin Price, our first facilities manager! We look forward to meeting more friends. If you were wondering about the structure in the middle of the building grounds, this will be a clock tower. It has been faithfully reproduced by our facilities manager, Ian Hogg, from a design created last year by HS students. Some request of your children if you attend the ceremony:

- children, please wear black and yellow

- sit with your families until the song call up

- the song will happen at the end of the ceremony, after the ribbon is cut

Here are some photos from the rehearsals to tempt you!!:

Opening Ceremony Rehearsal

Special Assembly: On Thursday, we were entertained by Navy Chief Musician Luis and Musician 1st Class Rob from a US Navy band. It was great to hear examples of excellence in music!:

Winter Concerts: We enjoyed performing in our new venue. Thanks to you for coming, the children for their confidence, and to Ms. Joy for all the time she put in. A few of my K-2 snaps below, and I'll share Gr 3-5 photos next week - I'm sure yours are far superior!:

K-2 Winter Concert

4th Grade Goree Trip: Our 4th Graders took part in a treasure hunt around Goree Island last week. Here are Ms. Gesland's photos:

4th Grade Goree Trip

Upcoming Events:

- December 8: New Building Opening Ceremony at 4:00
- December 12: Santa Sale
- December 15: Winter Break begins
- January 7: Classes resume

Kind regards,

Ian Clark

Ian Clark Ed.D
Elementary School Principal
Unknown user,
Dec 7, 2012, 6:37 AM