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Elementary News: December 6

posted Dec 6, 2013, 3:22 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Dec 6, 2013, 9:38 AM ]
Dear Parents,

Thank you for all you did for the orphanage drive a week ago, and for the rushing around before school looking for clothes that may have been part of your Spirit Week. We are looking ahead to our last week of the semester, but rest assured the classes are still very busy. For your information, this morning in our older elementary classes we also had some quiet thoughts for Nelson Mandela who died yesterday - some looked at appropriate online tributes, and Stephanie pulled out books from the library. This may come up in conversation at home.

Finally, if you have a chance, please do come in to support the ISD Jaguars in the finals day of our WAISAL MS Soccer Tournament. Saturday's schedule is below.


1. IB Theater Arts Performance - MS/HS Students Only: A quick reminder that the play next week is only for MS and HS students as there are themes that are unsuitable for ES children. There will be another musical in the offing from the HS for all the students in the Spring - The Wiz. 

2. Santa Sale: If you would like your child to purchase something at the Santa Sale on Wednesday 12th, the items on sale range from 1,000-5,000cfa. All classes will come during the day with their teachers. Pre-K students may attend after they finish their morning in class with parents/caregivers from 12:00-12:30. Thanks to the PTO parents who purchased the items and who will be in attendance all day.

3. Poster Procedure: Please be aware that we are not displaying posters for non-school events on the security gate or other school walls. If you do have a poster for either items for sale, or upcoming non-ISD events, please give them to the office, and they will then be put on a bulletin board. We are only displaying ISD event posters on the walls as there are so many of them. Thanks! 

We will be adding a digital screen to the area next to the security gate to inform folks of upcoming events. Look out for that in January. 

4. After School Activity Assembly: Another trimester of ASAs was celebrated in style last week with an ASA assembly. Thanks Mr. Te Huki for running this, and to all the coaches and teachers who have been working with the children. 

ASA Assembly

5. ID Badges: You may have noticed teachers and staff wearing new ID badges. We are rolling these out internally to get the system fine-tuned, and will soon be producing these for all ISD families. There will be more on this soon. 

6. 1T Assembly: Here are some of Ms. Chantal's pictures from 1T's recent assembly where the children shared some wonderfully written poems. I also loved the accompanying slideshow illustrations they had put together. 

1T Assembly

7. ASA Forms Please: Remember to send the ASA forms in to Emefa as soon as you can. The lists will be coming out from the Athletics Department in due course. The new set of ASAs start January 13.

8. 4I Assembly: Mr. Ish entertained us with a Jeopardy-themed assembly last week for the Gr 3-5 students. A lot of fun, and thanks 4I for all the work that went into this. 

4I Assembly

9. Best 20 Books: If you are looking for children's books to buy, here is a useful recent list:  CLICK HERE for the selection.

10. Reading Celebration: It was a busy scene at today's reading celebration in Ms. Christy's Class. Here we are at the eating stage:

11. Insect Museums: Skills such as reading, writing, speaking and listening were all developed in the recent insect unit. Not to mention an enhanced knowledge of other creepy crawlies!

Insect Museums

12. WAISAL: These last few days, we've had fun celebrating as a whole school:

and supporting our adopted teams!:

13. WAISAL Saturday Schedule: Come in tomorrow and cheer on the Jaguars!!:

14. Pool Hours: Finally, an update as the pool now closes at 7:00pm:

Hours: Weekdays-5pm-7pm and Weekends-8am-7pm (pool open at 10am)

Please sign pool waivers before entering the pool. 

See Cisse, the pool manager for forms.

Please book tennis courts with Cisse.

You may purchase guest passes from François, our cashier, 2500 CFA if you plan on bringing a guest to the facilities (pool or grounds).

Upcoming Events: 

- December 11: Santa Sale
- December 13: Last Day of Term
- January 6: School Reopens

Ian Clark

Ian Clark Ed.D.

Elementary School Principal

International School of Dakar