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Elementary News: February 14

posted Feb 13, 2014, 3:10 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Feb 14, 2014, 4:26 AM ]
Dear Parents,

We hope you found the PTO new parents presentation useful, and for those who came to Pam's Elementary Workshop on self-discipline, her presentation is attached. This week we have the Scholastic order collection, and final offerings for the book sale will be taken. Finally, I hope you are staying warm in the chilly 70 degree weather we are having!


1. Scholastic News: The deadline for the return of the Scholastic order forms is February 19. Please send the forms in with the exact change. 

2. Book Drive: This continues, and we approach the current target. Please have a dig around the shelves if you have yet to; it is all for a good cause. 

3. Professional Development Afternoon: We do appreciate the time that we can spend together as a faculty during the PD afternoons, and today we are reflecting as a whole school on how we present service learning, and how we can make it more authentic for our students.  

4. Pre-K 4 Building Unit Open Mornings: The Pre-K 4 students recently hosted their parents to show what they learned from their buildings unit. Here are some photos from their sessions. 

Pre-K 4 Builders

5. Hearing and Vision Screening: Every year we offer screening of hearing and vision to our KG, Gr 3, 5, 7 & 9 students. Nurse Aminata will be sending a letter to those grades, and this is completed during the school day.

6. Poets in Motion: We like to encourage the creative thought processes in writing whenever we can, and here is Ms. Sakho's class gaining inspiration for poems from around the school:

Poets in Motion

7. Fencing in the Gym: Mr. Te Huki recently arranged for a team of US fencers to come to the school and make a presentation about their craft. They were in town as Dakar was hosting an international tournament, and the photos are on the school Facebook page HERE. 

8. Soiree Litteraire: From our PTO:

9. Using Imagery while Reading: For an article with some useful tips for creating images in your child's mind when you are reading to them, click HERE. 

10. Gr 1 Cultural Celebration & Parade: The Grade 1 classes have just completed a unit, where they are led on a story path through a discovery of the differing cultures in their classes. The culminating event is a parade and in-class presentation to parents. Here they are!:

1st Grade Cultural Parade & Presentations

11. Elementary Picnic: We say thank you to Sasha Johnson, who was our music teacher for the last weeks during Joy Osundwa's maternity leave. Joy would like to let you know that she will soon be getting ready to audition for our Elementary Picnic coming up on March 19.

12. World Cultural Month Booths: It feels like a long way away, but please take note that the WCM Final Day will be April 25. We have over 55 nationalities at the school, and last year we had 18 booths; we'd love to have 20 this year!! If you are new, love to share your home cultures, and are wondering what a booth is - Mr. Gaucher will fill you in.

13. Tardies: I have been asked to mention that we do record tardies. That is arriving in the classroom after 8:30. The first portion of the day sets the tone, and often the morning meeting has valuable activities that should not be missed. Especially with Elementary children, the morning meeting is a key part of the day to refine listening and specking skills. 

14. Pam's Talk on Self-Discipline: Finally, it was good to see so many of you at Ms. Pelliccia's presentation. She has attached her powerpoint, including some relevant reading, below. In addition, here are three useful web sites Pam recommends:



Upcoming Events: 

- Feb. 17: President's Day & WAIST (SCHOOL CLOSED)
- Feb. 18-21: KG, Gr 3 & 5 Hearing and Vision Screening
- Feb. 19: Book Order Collection
- Feb. 20: Gr 4 Samusocial Visits Begin
- Feb 21: Gr 4 & 5 Sleepover
- Feb. 26-28: SIPS Tournament
- Feb. 27: 2G Assembly
- Mar. 6: Board Meeting
- March 7: 4S Assembly (a week later due to SIPS)
- March 8: Soiree Litteraire
- March 10-14 Book Sale
- March 14: Student Led Conferences
- March 17-21: Francophonie Week
- March 19: Elementary Picnic
- March 21: Elementary Field Day
- March 22: Spring Break Begins

Ian Clark

Ian Clark Ed.D.

Elementary School Principal

International School of Dakar

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