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Elementary News: February 28

posted Feb 27, 2014, 10:30 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Feb 28, 2014, 10:53 AM ]
Dear Parents,

This week we enjoyed hosting Samusocial, SIPS, a wonderful story-based assembly, field trips and more. We look ahead to the Soiree Litteraire, Conferences, the Picnic and Field Day, just before the break. Pictures and updates below...


1. Tree and Slide: Students are reminded that they should not be climbing up the tree or on the top of the slide in the playground. In an environment where there are a lot of other children around it is dangerous. Please pass this on to your carers if they supervise after school.

2. Student-Led Conferences: On the afternoon of Friday March 14, we have our K-5 Student-Led Conferences. This is a child-centered format when your child will guide you through a portfolio of their work. K-5 hold 40 minute conferences, there may be 3 or 4 going on in the room at the same time, they are all in one afternoon and the teacher is also present to assist. I will add more information, a guide and videos of how these run next week. Pre-K students have regular 20 minute parent/teacher conferences over the afternoons of March 13 and 14. Pre-K students do not attend.

3. Elementary Picnic: If your child would like to perform a piece at the Elementary Picnic on March 19, please let Ms. Joy know. 

4. Parent Discussion:  Pam Pelliccia, the ES Counselor will host the first of a series of parent discussions.  The format will give parents an opportunity to anonymously submit questions about typical child rearing issues and offer suggestions and strategies to each other. The first topic is a follow up to teaching your child self control and self discipline.  Please consider joining in the discussion on Tuesday, March 11 from 8:30am -9:30am in the Board Room.

5. 2G Assembly: Mr Gallagher's class shared a wonderful puppet show of The Selfish Crocodile they had put together in class. Here are some photos of their assembly: 

The Selfish Crocodile

4S assembly is next week.

6. Grade 3 Geology Trip: The 3rd Grade are studying sands, rocks and minerals in their current Science unit, and where better to visit than the beach:

Beach Trip

7: Scholastic Update: The order has allowed us to purchase an additional $400 worth of books through the Scholastic bonus program for the school. Each class has a share, teachers will place additional orders, and add to our classroom libraries. 

8. Samusocial Visiting School: Grade 3 was also busy this week hosting the Samusocial visitors to school:

Visitors to Gr 3

9: ISD Olympics: Mr. Schultz, Mr. Donauer and Mr. Ishmael have been running the ISD Lunchtime Winter Olympics for the students who wished to participate at lunch time. It has gripped the Gr 3-5 students and the soccer field has been empty. There will be more on this at next week's Gr 3-5 assembly:

Google+ Photo Album

10. Grade Level Meetings: I have met with all the classes for a session over the last two weeks, and I used this as an opportunity to ask the children about how their year has been going. Gr 3-5 students give me a written survey. It is read, and added to our reflections on our year. I also enjoyed reading them a few Caldecott winners.

11. KG B Publishing Party: Here are a few photos from Ms. Gina's recent publishing party where we admired her class's wonderful autobiographies:


12. ID Badges: Again, information about the ID badges:

 All photos will be taken in the school’s front office. The schedule includes both daytime and evening sessions.

. Each day we will have a window from 8-10 AM and from 3-5 PM. Your family is entitled to four badges, please choose the persons who will be coming onto campus most often. You will be able to enter the campus without a badge, but you will be required to leave a photoID with the guards in order to be loaned a visitor's badge. Please see your time in the schedule below. You will come on the day that corresponds with your child's last nameIf you miss your appointment, please contact Nichole Ngom at nichole@isd.sn.

Times are again from 8-10 AM and 3-5 PM. Your appointment is as follows, with last names beginning with:

A - February 21

B - February 24

C - February 25

D - February 26

D & E - February 27

F - February 28

G - March 3

H & I - March 4

J & K - March 5

L & M - March 6

M - March 7

N - March 10

O & P - March 11

Q & R - March 12

S - March 13

S - March 14

T & V - March 17

W, Y & Z - March 18 

Upcoming Events: 

- Mar. 6: Board Meeting
- March 7: 4S Assembly
- March 8: Soiree Litteraire
- March 10-14 Book Sale
- March 14: Student Led Conferences
- March 17-21: Francophonie Week
- March 19: Elementary Picnic
- March 21: Elementary Field Day
- March 22: Spring Break Begins

Ian Clark

Ian Clark Ed.D.

Elementary School Principal

International School of Dakar