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Elementary News: January 23

posted Jan 23, 2015, 3:27 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Jan 27, 2015, 5:51 AM by johnw@alumni.isd.sn ]
Dear Parents,

We are looking ahead to the start of the auditions with Ms. Joy for next month's Elementary Picnic, and we also have two assemblies next week. In addition, I should inform you that I will be out of the country from January 28 through Feb 10, as I will be attending three hiring fairs in the US with Alan Knobloch. Alan has already attended two fairs in Bangkok, and we will be looking for more excellent and experienced faculty at these upcoming fairs. More on the upcoming weeks at ISD below....


1. Elementary Musical Picnic - February 20: Ms. Joy has a sign-up for the tryouts for the Elementary Musical Picnic. This event is slated for February 20 from 4:00pm on the field. Please let Ms. Joy know to arrange an audition: K-5 all welcome. 

2. Pre-K 4 on Neighborhood Walks: Both Pre-K 4 classes took part in walks around our neighborhood as part of their class projects last week. They saw a lot, which spurred much work back in class:

Pre-K4 Neighborhood Walk

3. Pre-K 3 Discovering Flight: ....at the same time, our Pre-K 3 class were looking into transport, and were discovering the power of flight!:

Pre-K 3 Discover Flight

4. Assemblies Upcoming: Next week we will have the following class assemblies. Both will be in the gym:

- Thursday, January 29: 1G

- Friday, January 30: 5S

If your child is performing or receiving a CORE award, please do come along to the gym by 8:30 to take a seat. 

5. Gr 4/5 Soccer at Dakar Academy: Good luck to the Gr 4 & 5 Soccer Team as they head off to DA for a match this week. Get some tips from the Africa Cup of Nations!

6. Evening DA Basketball Game: This evening we host DA girls and boys HS teams in an evening game of basketball. Starting at 7:00, it is a great chance to cheer and support our teams. 

7. Tardies: One reminder - please do have your child on campus by 8:25. At 8:25 the bell sounds and the children head to their classes. It takes time to put away bags, and a late arrival misses those crucial morning messages. We do appreciate your help with this. 

Upcoming Events: 

- Jan 28: Gr 4 & 5 Soccer vs DA
- Jan. 29: 1G Assembly
- Jan. 30: 5S Assembly
- Feb. 4: PTO Meeting
- Feb. 7: Gr 4 & 5 Soccer vs DA
- Feb. 10: Mardi Gras (Crepes Day!)
- Feb. 13: 1/2 Day PD
- Feb. 14-16: WAIST Softball Tournament
- Feb. 18: Gr 2-5 MAP Tests Begin
- Feb. 19: Board Meeting
- Feb. 20: Elementary Musical Picnic
- Feb. 21: Gr 3-12 Track & Field Meet at ISD

Ian Clark

Ian Clark Ed.D.

Elementary School Principal

International School of Dakar