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Elementary News: January 27

posted Jan 27, 2012, 5:43 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Jan 27, 2012, 6:12 AM ]

Dear Parents,

January has almost passed us, and we look forward to many events coming up through February within ISD; Spirit Week, WAISAL, Book Month and Soiree Litteraire, not to mention musicals and MAP testing with World Culture Month on the horizon. I also hope you have had time to complete the annual Parent Survey. If you have 5 minutes, please click the link HERE. There is a lot more news to share, so please read on.

Other Notes:

1.  Emergency Weekly Work Packs: These will be sent home today. The work in the packs is not to be touched unless school is closed for a day, or longer. If your child stays at home when school is open, please do not do any of the work either. If school is closed, please select an appropriate level of work from the pack for your child. Each day at home could include reading, writing, math and French. PE and music may be twice a week, and art once a week, so these can be alternated. They will be returned to school on Fridays, unless the teacher instructs otherwise. Let us hope we will not need to open them at all. 

2.  Spirit Week: The WAISAL Basketball Tournament is coming up next week, so what better time to dress up in silly clothes. ES Spirit Week is being coordinated by Ms. Philen and the Student Council and the class showing most spirit will "earn" a pizza party. Here are the themes for the week for all ES, MS & HS kids!:

Monday: PJ Day (PJ's for all); Tuesday: Wacky Tacky (ill-matched clothes); Wednesday: Class Choice (a theme for the whole class), Thursday: Sports Shirt (favorite soccer/rugby/football team, ISD sports shirt, etc.); Friday: Black & Yellow Day

3.  Book Month: A committee of 11 faculty has been working to put together a fun new format for Book Month around the ideas of celebrating reading and encouraging all the children to read more diverse themes. This year it will center around a game called Reado, which is a reading version of Bingo, which will be explained to the children next week. We are also organizing activities such as decorate a door, MS/HS and ES reading Buddies, Surprise DEAR for 15 minutes each day, who's behind the book quiz?, Final Assembly Book Character dress-up, and more.

4.  Photographer: We have a new photographer this year, and the individual and class photographs will be taken from Feb 6-8. After the photos, your child will be given a sample and an order form from which to choose either individual photos or a selection. Should the process be successful, we may look into family portraits at a later date. Class photo days for smart clothes are: Monday: 3C, 3D, Pre 3, KG B, 5H, Pre 4N; Tuesday: 2H, 2K, Pre 4M, KG S, 5R; Wednesday: 1B, 4H, 1T, 4P.

5.  Marcel Zaragoza: Following his performance at school in front of 150 parents and guests at the PTO event on Saturday, Marcel enthralled Pre-K through Gr 6 students in various performances on Wednesday. We loved his stories, interactive songs and magic tricks, too:

Marcel Zaragoza

6.  Soiree Litteraire: Places at tables are selling fast, so please sign-up for our PTO evening of food, music and literature. I must confess I will probably fail to read my book, but I'll certainly enjoy the food and music from Lunch Thief under the stars. This event takes place on March 3rd; dinner at host houses 7pm to 9pm with dessert and dancing from 9pm to 11:30pm at school. This is for parents only.

7.  3C Assembly: How can we apply our CORE Values to saving the rainforest? Mrs. Clark's class explained how in their entertaining assembly Friday morning:

3C Class Assembly

8.  Rugby on Fridays: Mr. Te Huki informs me that there are spots available if you have a child who would like to play some rugby on Fridays. Please come along after school from 5pm. The coaching is excellent, and the kids have a lot of fun. 

9.  Pre-K 3 Field Trip: Ms. Marje's Pre-K 3 class took a long walk up to Route de Ouakam to look at cars and trucks and things that go. We also saw an enormous digger creating a large hole and inspected the engines of a couple of cars:

Ms Marje's Field Trip

10.  Grade 5 Musical: Mr. Watters is working hard with the Grade 5 students on a musical called "The Cave of Mysteries". This will be performed in the music room for parents and family on Feb 15 (5H) and Feb. 16 (5R). 

11.  World Culture Month: This will be mainly focused from April 16 - 30, and will involve activities with local artisans, musical performances, and of course the final day with fashion show and the ever-popular booths of nations. Mr. Gaucher will be asking you for your support of the booths in the near future!

12. Birthday Lunch: These were my January birthday lunchers this week:

13.  MAP Testing: The second phase of MAP testing is scheduled to run Feb. 13-24 for Grades 2-8. 

Upcoming Events: 

- Jan. 30-Feb. 3 SPIRIT WEEK

- Feb. 2-5: WAISAL High School Basketball Tournament

- Feb. 1: Book Month Begins

- Feb. 6-8: ES Photographs

- Feb. 9: 2K Class Assembly

- Feb. 13: Photo make-up day

- Feb. 14: PTO Meeting 

- Feb. 15: 5H - "The Cave of Mysteries"

- Feb. 15-24: MAP Testing Gr 2-5

- Feb. 16: 5R - "The Cave of Mysteries"

- Feb. 17: Ms. Shelly's Story Assembly, "Drummer's Hands"


Ian Clark

Ian Clark Ed.D.

Elementary School Principal

International School of Dakar