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Elementary News: January 31

posted Jan 31, 2014, 3:43 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Jan 31, 2014, 3:52 AM ]
Dear Parents,

A lot to share this week, as the school is really stepping into gear with assemblies, a soccer game, Samusocial visits, bake sales, birthday lunches . Upcoming we have such events as a Scholastic Book Sale, a Book Drive, Kelso Kids starting, Parent Coffees, more soccer, photographs, and of course MAP testing. More below...


1. Scholastic Book Order: Please check your child's bags on Monday, as there will be information about this term's Scholastic Book Club order. There is more information on this at the PTO Journal post HERE.  

2. Book Drive: There will also be blue bins placed near the school entrance to receive donations for our Book Drive. This is an annual event to raise money for a local school for literacy materials. Again, more on the PTO site linked above.

3. MAP Testing: Starting on February 10, we will be running the second set of Gr 2-5 MAP tests. As ever, these are in-school, and there is no additional work you need to do with your children for these - they are a guide for us as to how we are all doing in our teaching and learning. I do have some links that you might want to try if you would like additional information:

- Tips for parents: HERE 

- A vocabulary list http: HERE 

- A site to help your child to find "just right" leveled books using the exile score on the MAP report: www.lexile.com

4. Kelso's Cool Kids: We introduced the ISD children to Kelso's Choices last year to help them solve their small problems themselves. Next week, we are introducing the children to Kelso's Cool Kids. Each day, three Grade 5 students will be around the playgrounds, and children can call on them if they need help to solve a small problem. Ms. Pam and I met with them to give some training last week. The Kelso Cool Kids are all hats-on and ready to go! 

5. Morning Drop-off Request: When dropping off your child, please follow the loop of the school driveway. There are a couple of cars coming up against the traffic exiting school, and their turning often causes bottlenecks. We appreciate your help with this as we cannot make the side road one-way only due to local usage.

6. School Photographs: Our photo team of Sandra Bocande and Franck Boyer are on campus next week. They will take class and individual student photos. The proofs will be sent home the following week, from which you may order. 

7. Jaguar Mom Photo: I have also been asked to mention that anyone who has a Jaguar Mom T-shirt is invited to wear it for a group photo. This will be taken on Wednesday 5th outside the gym, gathering at 2:40. 

8. Information for Runners: This from Marc Guillaume on a new running event growing in popularity....

Second Sunday 5km Race Series

Come join other local runners in a fun and local 5km race organized by Marc Guillaume, science teacher here at ISD.  This is the 3rd of the series and you're welcome to do one or do them all!  The race starts at 9am, February 9th at the Catholic Cemetery on the VDN.  For more information, go to www.dakar5k.com

9. Soccer News: It's always nice to play soccer for the school, and Mr. Gaucher has been getting the kids ready for a series against Dakar Academy. This week was the first leg, which we managed to win 4-1. Well done, and we look forward to retaining the Rutherford Trophy in a week's time when they come to ISD. 

10. Ms. Christy's Class Assembly: Here are some photos from Ms. Christy's recent class assembly - thanks Chantal Gesland for these:

KG K Class Assembly

11. PTO Welcome Coffee: Parents new to ISD are invited by the PTO to attend a Welcome Coffee in the Conference Room on the 2nd floor of the admin building. This will be on Thursday, February 13, and we'll give you some additional background to the school, and speak about upcoming events. 

12. Ms. Sakho's Class Assembly: Here are some photos from Ms. Sakho's assembly earlier today:

5S Assembly

13. 1/2 Day Professional Development Upcoming: A quick reminder that the faculty will be having a 1/2 Day PD afternoon on February 14. This is also a 3-day weekend. 

14. ES Parent Workshop: This is from Pam Pelliccia:

15. Student Council Crest: Finally, here is a look at the crest that the Student Council recently designed to reflect their role in school:

Upcoming Events: 
- Feb. 3: Class Photos Begin
- Feb. 5: PTO Meeting
- Feb. 6: Board Meeting
- Feb. 10: MAP Testing Begins
- Feb. 11: ES Parent Workshop III
- Feb. 12: PTO Welcome Coffee
- Feb. 14: PD 1/2 Day
- Feb. 17: President's Day & WAIST
- Feb. 20: Gr 4 Samusocial Visits Begin
- Feb 21/22: Gr 4 & 5 Sleepover in Library
- Feb. 26-28 SIPS Athletic Tournament
- FEB. 26: PTO Meeting

Ian Clark

Ian Clark Ed.D.

Elementary School Principal

International School of Dakar