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Elementary News: March 23

posted Mar 16, 2011, 4:54 AM by Unknown user
Dear Parents,

We have stepped straight back to “work-mode” in class, and this week we have been spending time preparing for our student-led conferences. These are a chance for the students in Pre-K 4 through Grade 5 to share with you what they have been doing. On Thursday and Friday this week, these 20-minute sessions will be running for you and your child in the homerooms. Pre-K 3 parents will have regular parent/teacher conferences. There will be no after-school activities on Thursday and Friday, as teachers will all be in conferences. Also, Pre-K 4 Noon class will be on Thursday morning, and Pre-K 4 Morning class will be on Friday morning. Finally, if you would like to speak with French teachers, they will be available in their rooms till 2:30 Thursday, and they will be in the Gym on Friday afternoon. Other Specials teachers will be in their own rooms.

Other Notes:

        1.     Student Led Conferences: I have a couple of outlines for these conferences, which may be new to some of you:

- Before the conference, your child will have collected work that reflects what they have learned. They will have been taught how to select work samples and how to evaluate their work to determine their strengths and weaknesses. This work will usually be assembled in a portfolio or folder. As your child conducts the conference, they will explain skills they have learned and share goals they have set for themselves. While your child's teacher will serve as the conference facilitator, your child will lead the conference. As your son or daughter shares his or her work, you may want to ask questions such as:

- What can you tell me about this assignment?

- What did you have to do to complete this assignment?

- What skills did you have to use?

- What would you do next time to improve your work?

- What goals have you set?

- How can I help you meet your goals?

In addition, here are three central roles for you as a parent: 

                - Your first role is as a listener. Having a parent audience for learning gives students a powerful reason to learn and work hard.

                - Your second role as a parent is to talk with the student about the work that will be presented. You will gain a better understanding of the academic expectations set for your child.

                 - Your third role as a parent is to identify ways you can support the student to achieve goals that will be set for next trimester.  

         2.     Sports Day: On the last day before Spring break, we had a wonderful time running, jumping and throwing things all over the field. A fun time was had by all, and thanks to the parents who came along to cheer the along kids or hand out ices at the end of the day.  

Sports Day 2011

        3.     Class Portraits: Cheikh is currently based at the gate noon and after school, and please get in touch with the office if you would like additional prints, or if you require more details regarding the portraits.

        4.     Mr. Balazs’ Class Assembly: We all enjoyed 1B's rendition of their self-written "Work hard to be Smart". Thanks also to Mr. Bryant, who helped in the production!:


Fun, math, friends,

learn and grow!

Work, love, practice,

go, go, go!

Do you want to unroll my number scroll?

Do you want to read a book with me?

Love can be found everywhere!

We learn better when we share!


I am excited! We love ISD!

I am excited! Work hard to be smart!

I am excited! Run, baby, run!

I am excited! We love having fun!


Teachers love to teach at school!

We adore the golden rule!

We love making new best friends

and we love the old ones too!

Fun, math, friends,

learn and grow!

Work, love, practice,

go, go, go!


Go, GO, GO!

        5.     Ms. Mason’s Class Assembly: 4M also entertained us at the end of last trimester. This time with some suggestions about how to be a good team member and the value of cooperation: 

4M Assembly

        6.     After-School Activities: These began this week, and will end on Friday May 20

        7.     SIPS Athletics and Cross-Country: Congratulations to all who took part, and thanks to those of you who went out to cheer the competitors. Particular note to Obaloluwa Agboola who set a new record in the 60m!

        8.     Pre-K 4 Class Presentation: World Cultural Month will soon be upon us (please be thinking about helping with a table if possible!), and the Pre 4 classes have been looking at the different cultures within their classes. Here are some photos of recent presentations.

Pre 4 Presentations


         9. Welcome to our new Office Receptionist: Celeste Diouf is our new office receptionist. Please drop in to say hello if you get a chance. She is the "go to" person when informing us about absences.

         10.     Next Week’s Birthday Lunch: I will be celebrating the children's March birthdays next week. This is a lovely chance for me to spend a lunchtime with a group of either K-2 or 3-5 Grade children and talk about birthdays, siblings, and just life in general!

         11. Spirit Week: Thanks so much for entering into the spirit of the week at the end of last trimester. Mr. Balaz's class won the "most spitited class" award (well done). Note these 5 teachers who got into the Twin Day spirit:

Twin/Triplet Teachers


Ian Clark

Ian Clark Ed.D.

Elementary School Principal

International School of Dakar