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Elementary News: March 25

posted Mar 24, 2016, 10:09 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Mar 25, 2016, 10:19 AM ]
Dear Parents,

Today we have been out on the field and a good time was had by all on the Field Day - the same can be said for the PreK fun yesterday!!

A couple of notes on April's World Cultural Month:

- there are two dress-up days: one Senegalese-style, one of your child's chosen country for the day - maybe something for the Spring Break?

- parents are encouraged to be part of the cultural fashion show on April 29!

- we still need "cultural booth" volunteers. Email Gaucher at gaucherk@faculty.isd.sn if you'd like to be part of a booth team

- the wrestling looks great - be sure to buy a ticket!

Whatever your plans for the break, ISD's Elementary Faculty wish you a safe and happy time. Remember, Term 3 starts on Tuesday April 5....


1. Pre-K Field Day: Here are some photos of the fun. I liked the "wear a big person's shoes" race the best!:

Pre-K Field Day

...and a movie (Thanks Ms. Melissa!):

Pre-K Field Day

2. K-5 Field Day: What a great time we had - and well done Team Africa, the YELLOWS!! Thanks, also Ms. Chantal for these photos:

K-5 Field Day

Incidentally, if you enjoyed the trapeze and balancing, these performers also lead the Circus Arts ASA and are good friends of ISD. They  go by the name SENCIRK, and are led by Modou Toure, whose email is: modou181toure@gmail.com and phone is 77 181 5251....


3. Summer Camp: You should have received a flier about the summer camps today. If there is enough interest, we'll add a third week, and sign-up will not open until Monday, April 11:

4. 1O Assembly: We were treated to a movie this week from 1O, made on the subject of persuasive writing with the assistance of Ms. Chantal:

1O Assembly

5. World Cultural Month: When we return, we'll be having the World Cultural Month celebrations through April. Here are some of the events we'll be enjoying in school:

- APRIL 6 - OPENING CEREMONY 8:40 am - 9:10 am / Place: Field

- APRIL 7 - APRIL 14 - SENEGAL ARTS WEEK Glass painting - sand painting - batik - recycling during art class.

- APRIL 8 - WRESTLING EVENT Come to school for an evening's wrestling demonstration!

- APRIL 12 - CULTURAL LUNCH & LOCAL OUTFIT DAY ISD sponsors the lunch for the elementary department. Students are encouraged to dress up in Senegalese wear.

- APRIL 28 - BAZAAR (Day 1) - 9:00 am - 4:30 pm Local artists and artisans are invited on campus for your summer shopping.

- APRIL 29 - CLOSING CEREMONY  2:00 pm - 3:10 pm • Country booths visited by students • Parade of the nations • Elementary school performance • Concert • World items exhibitions • Bazaar (Day 2)

BOOTHS: Mr. Gaucher will soon be asking for volunteers to run country booths on the 29th April (gaucherk@faculty.isd.sn) - please speak with him if you are interested. We'd like to have over 20 this year!

6. Gr 4 Samusocial Hosting: Here are some shots of Gr 4 hosting the Samusocial children this week:

Gr 4 and Samusocial

7. Gr 2 Dakar DisplayFinally, thanks to Ms. Djamila and her Grade 2 Intermediate-Advanced level French kids for this amazing model of our town - here she is with the class!:

Dakar by Gr 2 French Class

8. Francophonie Fun!Here are our students enjoying some fun and games (and snacks!) on Francophonie Day:

Francophonie Day

9. WCM Wrestling Event: ....and here is more on the wrestling event organized by Mr. Gaucher and our PTO:

10. March Birthday Lunch: I was lucky these folks joined me on my windy balcony for Birthday Lunch!:

11. A Webinar: You may be interested in this webinar from Harvard School of Education. Howard Gardner is presenting on May 10. Click HERE for the link. 

12: Holiday Campus Facility Hours:

- Tennis courts open: 0800 to 1730.

- Swimming Pool open:  1100 to 1730

- Outdoor courts open: 1000 to 1730

- Playgrounds open: 1000 to 1730

- Gym will be closed

- Sports Field will be closed

Upcoming Events: 

- March 25: End of Term
- April 5: School Reopens (Tuesday)
- April 6: WCM Opening Ceremony
- April 7: ES Senegal Arts Week Begins
- April 8: Wrestling Event
- April 11: ASA Trimester 3 Begins
- April 12: Senegal Dress-up Day
- April 15: PD - HALF DAY
- April 21: Annual General Meeting
- April 22: Earth Day
- April 27: Pre-K 4B Assembly
- April 28: 5H Assembly
- April 29: WCM Final Day

Ian Clark

Ian Clark Ed.D.

Elementary School Principal

International School of Dakar