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Elementary News: March 28

posted Mar 28, 2013, 2:11 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Mar 28, 2013, 6:35 AM ]

Dear Parents,

Field Day is busy all day today, and when we return, so is April! There are a lot of new and exciting things going on at ISD when we return, and this is thanks to the hard work of the teachers running WCM, Science Fair, Earth Day and the Art Salon. While we have a lot going on, we always try to ensure we do not take away from curricular themes - be they Art, Music or in homerooms. Our Senegal Arts Week activities, for example are in the Art classes; Earth Day involves HS students giving presentations in ES Science time. Please read on for more details of those events.

....and, from all of us in the Elementary School, do have a wonderful break!

World Cultural Month 2013: There are a lot of culturally-based events in classes this year, and we retain Gaucher's amazing WCM Final Day. Please note that April 26 will feature booths of nations and a fashion show. If you have yet to visit an ISD function, come on the afternoon of the 26th!

Pre-K Library Borrowing is Coming!: We are setting up a program through Ms. Jackie's library lessons, where the Pre-K 3 & 4 children will be able to select and take home a library book. There is nothing like the feeling of sharing a book you "found" with your family, and we think our Pre-K kids should enjoy that feeling too. Pre-K parents, there will be information heading your way next term as to how this will work. 

Murals: Big thanks to Wendy Welander and Christy Kinkhabwala, who have coordinated an ASA group to draw and paint five large book characters on wooden sheets. These will be attached to the walls near the Pre-K rooms to brighten the walkway. Keep your eyes open for Clifford, Curious George, Skippy john Jones, The Cat in the Hat and the Pigeon (who should not drive the bus). Coming soon! 

Science Fair: Please come and enjoy the work from the Grade 5 & 6 scientists, who will be sharing their projects in the gym on the morning of April 12, the first week back. There is a lot of work and time spent on these, and Tracy Hill is also the lead in our NESA Virtual Science Fair - more on that to follow.

Earth Day: We have a packed program for the K-5 students on Earth Day, April 22. We will have a special schedule in the morning, where the K-2 and 3-5 grades will be working in teams and rotating through some age-appropriate "green" activities. We want the day to be fun, and educational with regard to our stewardship of the environment. 

Art Salon: This is on May 16, but I'd still like to share!: 


Head Lice: Finally, there have been more cases of head lice this year than I have known in the past. We are washing cushions in class, and doing what we can. This letter went home from Nurse Aminata, but if you are traveling, here it is again - there is mention of two shampoos/lotions at the end. We do appreciate your support, and tolerance with the head-lice products!: 

Dear Parents,

We already know that head lice are spread by direct physical contact or through objects (combs, hats, brushes) etc.  but what is causing a re-infestation is still confusing especially when we have a concern about the toxicity of the product used to treat.

The real problem is not the lice but the nits. They are strongly attached to the hair by cement that forms the laying of the egg.  They are darker when alive and whitish when empty.

An adult louse lays per day between 4 to 10 eggs (NITS). The nits hatch within 7 to 10 days giving birth to a new louse called a nymph. After 10 days, the nymphs reach the adult stage and the cycle restarts. The louse lives only on human hair and needs blood. At room temperature (20 degC)  and without blood, the adult louse cannot survive more than 48 hours.

Lice are resistant to just water and soap. A shampoo or lotion or both should be used for the treatment. There are different topical drugs available at the local pharmacies. According to the Dermatologist and the Pharmacist I have contacted, the most recommended ones are:

PARASIDOSE: (shampoo, lotion, environment and comb) It can be used on children from 3 months of age, on adults, on pregnant women and on breast-feeding women. 

POUXIT is a lotion )also recommended. Read the insert notice before use.

These antipoux are safe and effective.

Upcoming Events in April (WCM in Brown):

- April 8: 1st Day of Spring Term
- April 9: Assembly in gym to open WCM
- April 9-16: Elementary Senegal Arts Week (artisans in Art Lessons)
- April 9-16: Artisans in residence on campus (ES classes will visit)
- April 11: Board Meeting
- April 12: Science Fair 
- April 13 & 14: ISD Samusiocial Olympiade
- April 18: Art Exhibition (in gym, come see the results of the Art classes)
- April 18: Local Outfit Day (children invited to wear their finest!)
- April 18: Communal lunch on the grass (school will provide this)
- April 19: PD Afternoon
- April 22: ES Earth Day
- April 24: Semi-Annual General Meeting
- April 26: WCM Final Day
- April 29 & 30: IB Accreditation Visit
- May 1: School Closed - Labor Day