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Elementary News: May 23

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Dear Parents,

Next week we have a TCK presentation Monday, assemblies Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, plus bake sales and a few field trips on Friday - thank you parent volunteers who help chaperone all of these visits. Your help is invaluable. Finally, we hope you enjoyed the concerts, there are some wonderful photos on the PTO Facebook site HERE


1. TCK* Parent Presentation - an invite: 

Third Culture Kids - A Presentation for Parents

Monday, May 26, 8:30AM - 9:30AM HS Music Room - 2nd Floor**  

 Parents are invited to attend an assembly of students in Grade 10 English presenting autobiographical essays answering the following prompt: Write about being a TCK.  

Think of a moment when you realized you were unsure of who you were or who you were supposed to be.  How did you resolve this question?  Or did you?  How did this moment affect who you are today? Several were selected and spliced together.  

The Grade 10 students will present their own stories as theatrical monologues. 

* Third Culture Kid: someone who spends a significant number of their developmental years outside of their passport country.

2. KG Bake Sale: It's that time of year again! Kindergarten is preparing to have their fifth annual bake sale to raise money for our community service project - Nebeday: The Mangrove Project. 

We will have two bake sales next week. Please send your children in with a little small change if you wish. They will be out at lunch time next to the Pagoda on:

- Wednesday, May 28th

- Friday, May 30th  

This is also a Jane Goodall's Roots and Shoots project. Incidentally, some ISD faculty had a chance to have a meeting with Jane Goodall when she came on a visit sponsored by the Spanish Embassy recently to talk about a project in Kedougou to help chimpanzees in the area. It has inspired many of us to take up a challenge to become more green she gave to us when we met! We are looking to build more links with the Roots and Shoots program.

3. Sports Awards: The Sports Awards ceremony will be in the gym on Wednesday, May 28 from 2:15. Parents and friends are invited to attend this ceremony. Mr. Te Huki will be presenting awards for the following: Grade 4/5, MS and HS sports from the year and Athlete of the Year for MS boy and girl and HS boy and girl.

4. ASA Assembly: On Monday, May 26, we will be having our final ASA Assembly. Please do come along to enjoy some of the ASA performances. After School Activities ended today.

5. Parent Book Group 2014-15 Survey: During the 2014-2015 school year parents will be invited to participate in a book group that meets 3 times at 8:30am to discuss a parenting book of their choosing. In order to assist parents who prefer to buy a hard copy of the book this summer, we are sending the survey out now.  In September, parents new to our community will be invited to join the book group. If you are interested in participating in the book group, kindly complete the survey by May 30. Thank you for your interest in the Parent Book Group.  Pam Pelliccia, ES Counselor


6. Grade 3-5 Quiz: Another reminder that there will be a Gr 3-5 Quiz Night from 4:00-5:00 on Friday, June 6. 

7. Upcoming Assemblies Next Week: As it is a 4-day week, we have our assemblies on Tuesday 27 (Pre-K-Gr 2) and Wednesday 28 (Gr 3-5). We'll be entertained by Ms. Marje and Mrs. Gallagher's classes. 

8. MAP Reports: These were sent home this week, and the link to the Parent Guide is HERE. You may note your child's Lexile level, which is written about in more detail, and could guide you in selecting just right reading books. There are other useful book leveling sites included.

9. Summer Camp: Summer Camp sign-up forms went home this week. If you did not send back the interest form, but would like to sign up, please speak to Francois, or school cashier, and he will give you a form to do so. It is also attached below. 

10. Clay Totems: These have appeared next to the main office, courtesy of Ms. Wolff's Art classes. 

Upcoming Events: 

- May 23: Trimester 3 ASA's End

- May 26: TCK Presentation

- May 26: ASA Assembly

- May 27: Pre-K 3 Assembly

- May 28: 5G Assembly

- May 29: Ascension (SCHOOL CLOSED)

- June 4 PTO Meeting

- June 5 Board Meeting

- June 5 Grade 5 Moving Up Party

- June 6: Gr 3-5 Quiz Night

- June 9: Pentecost (SCHOOL CLOSED)

- June 12: 12:00 Dismissal

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Ian Clark Ed.D.

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