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Elementary News: May 30

posted May 30, 2014, 1:32 AM by Unknown user   [ updated May 30, 2014, 10:20 AM ]
Dear Parents,

Next week, the highlight is the Gr 3-5 Quiz Night on Friday. This week was a rather busy one again, with field trips, assemblies, birthday lunches, a tournament plus bake sales. Plenty of photos below....


1. Grade 3-5 Quiz: Another reminder that there will be a Gr 3-5 Quiz Night from 4:00-5:00 on Friday, June 6:

2. Report Card - Attendance Policy: A quick reminder regarding report cards and absences: 

Elementary School students must have at least 80% attendance for a trimester to earn a full report. Less than 80% attendance will gain a “narrative only” report. No reports will be given for a student attending less than 40% of a trimester’s classes.

This is because, as with MS and HS students, we need a certain level of attendance to calculate and ascertain grades for the report card. There will be a letter of explanation in those report cards concerned. 

In addition, we do not give out report cards before June 12; they take a long time to compile and are not printed until the year's end. If a child is not in attendance on that day, they will be mailed if a forwarding address is given, or scanned and emailed. Copies are always kept on file in the office.

3. Saying Goodbye to School Friends who are Leaving: Here is a note from Ms. Pam, our ES Counselor:

This is the time of the year when many children have to say goodbye to friends who are leaving ISD. For many it can be a sad and confusing time. It is important to understand how your child may be feeling and to provide opportunities for them to talk.  Sometimes by merely listening, a child copes better with their sadness.

I believe the children who remain at ISD are experiencing a sense of loss and are actually going through the stages of grief every time a friend, classmate or teacher leaves. The best thing we can do is to create time to listen to our children, to let them cry and feel sad (it is an expression of the deep friendship that was created and this is a wonderful thing) provide comfort, show empathy; demonstrating that you understand what they are feeling and experiencing. It is important for parents to know that overcoming the loss of a friend takes time to heal.

It might also be helpful to provide moments/activities for friends to have a last play date, make a card, take photos of each other, make a memory box, and to say goodbye. If your child likes to write or draw perhaps it might also be helpful to record her words or pictures in a journal. Perhaps there could be an exchange of Skype, email addresses, or Facebook accounts with friends’ parents, so friends can occasionally continue to talk/write to each other.  I have also seen many families plan reunion holidays for their children and the families. 

If your child is particularly upset or seems inconsolable, please let me know and I will read an excellent children’s book to them called The Invisible String whose message can be adapted for dealing with saying goodbye to a friend.  

4. ASA Assembly: Here are some pictures of the After School Assembly on Monday. There were some impressive performances. 

ASA Assembly

5. Pre-K 3 Assembly: Thank you to our Pre-K 3 students for confidently stepping into your purple bus for your song. A verse for each child, and they remembered it all!

Ms. Marje's Class Assembly

6. 5G Assembly: Thanks also to 5G, who wrote and performed their own skits on the CORE values. 

Ms. Gallagher's Class Assembly

7. Gr 4 & 5 Volleyball: Well done to the Gr 4 & 5 volleyballers for securing victory in the tournament. Thanks also to Coaches Leavers and Taylor for your hard work. 

Volleyball Tournament

8. Samusocial and Grade 5: It was the turn of the Gr 5 students to host Samusocial this week, and here they are enjoying some sports on the field. There were other on-campus activities that the Gr 5 hosts arranged for the visiting children. 

5G and Samusocial Kids

Upcoming Events: 

- June 4 PTO Meeting

- June 5 Board Meeting

- June 5 Grade 5 Moving Up Party

- June 6: Gr 3-5 Quiz Night

- June 9: Pentecost (SCHOOL CLOSED)

- June 12: 12:00 Dismissal

Ian Clark

Ian Clark Ed.D.

Elementary School Principal

International School of Dakar