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Grade 4: Field Trip to Isle de Gorée

posted Jan 27, 2011, 3:38 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Jan 27, 2011, 7:21 AM ]
On Thursday, January 20th, the 4th grade students, their French teachers, TAs and homeroom teachers ventured by bus and ferry to explore Goree Island as a French and Social Studies integrated field trip.  The trip was planned by the French department, so rule number one was "Everyone must speak French!"  This also applied to the homeroom teachers! 

When we arrived at the island, we broke into teams of 6 students, 2 adults.  Each student had a job to uphold within their group.  We were given maps of the island, a list of places we needed to visit, and a packet of questions to discover the answers to.  The first team to finish the expedition and complete the questions would be the winner.

It was encouraging to see the teams learn that they needed to work together in order to efficiently complete the task.  In my group, I saw that as the morning went on, the less skilled French speakers became more confident to approach people to find out directions and information about the island.  

After lunch, we all gathered under a baobab tree to listen to a storyteller.  It reminded me what an art form storytelling is!  It is not easy to be able to engage an audience with a story told with such expression that you feel as if you are there.  Some of the students were put in the spotlight as they went up to retell the story afterwards.  It showed a lot of bravery to tell the story from memory in font of their peers!

In the end, it was an enriching experience for everyone.  We practiced our french in real life situations, our map reading skills, group work skills, and learned about important history.  And the thing about field trips is that you just never know what else the students may have pulled away from that experience!

The 4th Grade Trip

-Celeste & Jasmeen