Recreational Facilities

New Early Childhood Playground Equipment!

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Our early childhood playground equipment is getting a lot of use already!  
Please remember that this equipment is only for children 3-5 years old.

Announcement: Fall Break Pool Closure

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In preparation for the Performing Arts Center and Gymnasium project, during the October break the school will complete the demolition and removal of the clubhouse and current changing rooms near the pool area.  

This means that the pool will be closed from October 7-12, opening back up on Friday, October 13.  

Early Childhood Playground

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Yesterday, our early childhood playground flooring was installed by a hardworking facilities team! The small people who tried it out today seemed to approve.

ISD Community Sports and Activities

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ISD is working on the calendar for community sports and activities.  More information will be out soon.

Ultimate Frisbee will start this Sunday on Jaguar Field.  The time will be 4pm-6pm.  Come and join us for the action!

Recreational Facilities Friday May 29 2015

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Kids for Kids Day Saturday May 30
The DWG will be running their annual kids for kids day on Saturday-11am-4pm. 

Evening Community Activities
All activities finish on Wednesday June 10. A big thanks to the coordinators who organized these activities for 2014/15. Philippe-Floor ball-Tuesdays and Sundays and Volleyball-Wednesdays, Gavin-Basketball-Mondays and Thursdays, -Ayesha and Khalil-Badminton-Monday, Wednesdays and SundaysFrancis-Rugby-Saturday, Shelley-African Dance-Tuesdays, Jennifer T-African Dance-Mondays, Gerard-Competitive Volleyball-Saturday and Sundays

If you would like to organize an activity for next year, please contact the AD at the beginning of the new school year.

Parties and Events
We have had many birthday parties and events over the last month and many more right up until the end of the year. It is great to see the community using the facilities. Please make sure everything is clean up after use.

Recreational Facilities May 8 2015

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We have many events happening at ISD over the month of May

Sat May 9th-ISD HS Soccer tournament-9am-4pm
Sat May 9-Grade 1 and 2 ASA Basketball-9am -12 noon-Gym
Sat May 9th-Social Rugby @ 5pm
Sat May 10th-Korean Community function
Sat May 16-MS Boys and Girls Basketball tournament-10am-4pm
Sat May 16-ES Grade 4 and 5 volleyball tournament-9am-12pm
Sun May 17-ISD Community Yard Sale-9am-12pm
Sat May 23-Gaucher Soccer Academy soccer tournament-9am-12pm
Sat May 23-Social Rugby @ 5pm
Sat May 30-Kids for Kids Day DWG women organizing
Sat May 30-Floor Ball Tournament -am-Floor Ball Club
Sat May 30-Social Rugby@ 5pm
Sun May 31-Basketball 3 on 3 tournament-Basketball Club

Facilities-Friday April 10 2015

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We have lots of birthday bookings over the next few months at ISD. Please see me if you wish to book the facilities for birthday parties.

Please email Cisse-"" or phone: 775046198 (Facilities assistant manager) if you would like to book the tennis courts.

March 13, 2015

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Field Closed for Field Maintenance

The field will be closed from Friday March 20 until Sunday March 29. We will reopen the field on Monday March 30. The field is in desperate need for a rest and repair. We will be adding soil, fertilizer and grass seed to the field at this time.

Facilities Update:

Facilities opened-6am-8am and 6pm-7pm (fitness room to 8pm) 
See Mr. Te Huki if you would like to book facilities.
Please book tennis courts with Cisse (Assistant facilities manager)

Community Activities

Community activities will stop for the spring break at ISD. There will be no activities at ISD Saturday March 21 to Sunday March 29. Activities begin Monday March 30

Recreational Facilities Feb 20 2015

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Community Activities-See attachment
See schedule attached. All ISD community are welcome to join these activities

Changes and Updates

Afternoon African Dance has moved from Wednesdays to Tuesdays 4:30pm to 5:30pm

There is no badminton on Wednesdays-8pm-10pm

New Activity-NEW DANCE AND FITNESS CLASS STARTING MONDAY FEBRUARY 23RDCome to the ISD clubhouse Mondays at 6:30pm to try a new dance class!  Mbalax is the energetic "pop" music of Senegal but holds its roots in traditional Serer and Wolof sabar drumming.  This class will be fun and accessible to everyone (perhaps compare to Zumba...?) as we dance to Mbalax music, exercise, and appreciate the culture of Senegal.  Questions?  Email Nurse Jen or call 77 229 4848 (English), 77 759 4757 (French/Wolof). 


Feb. 1, 2015

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The swimming pool is open for community use. 

Winter Hours
Monday to Friday-5pm-7pm

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