Recreational Facilities Feb 20 2015

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Community Activities-See attachment
See schedule attached. All ISD community are welcome to join these activities

Changes and Updates

Afternoon African Dance has moved from Wednesdays to Tuesdays 4:30pm to 5:30pm

There is no badminton on Wednesdays-8pm-10pm

New Activity-NEW DANCE AND FITNESS CLASS STARTING MONDAY FEBRUARY 23RDCome to the ISD clubhouse Mondays at 6:30pm to try a new dance class!  Mbalax is the energetic "pop" music of Senegal but holds its roots in traditional Serer and Wolof sabar drumming.  This class will be fun and accessible to everyone (perhaps compare to Zumba...?) as we dance to Mbalax music, exercise, and appreciate the culture of Senegal.  Questions?  Email Nurse Jen or call 77 229 4848 (English), 77 759 4757 (French/Wolof). 


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