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ID Badges & ISD Parent emails

posted Nov 11, 2016, 8:34 AM by   [ updated Nov 11, 2016, 8:41 AM ]
ID Badges
Badge printing really is taking place. It is slow to do as we search for past photos for parents to create the new badges.
New parents are all done, staff are all done, as are new helper/driver badges.
If you have had you photo taken this year and not yet got your parent badge, please drop by ITSO (bring your old badge) it should be ready for you.
If you have NOT had you photo taken this year, it would speed things up if you came to ITSO to get photographed.

12th grade students now have their ID Badges and are expected to wear them while on campus, They also need to TAP in and out each time they enter or leave. If they forget their badge they will be required to sign in and out. Students should use the badge for evening and weekend events as well.

If you misplace/lose your badge it will cost 3,000 cfa (payable at Business office). Bring receipt for re-issue to ITSO.

ISD Parent emails
We have created these for each parent. 
They follow a pattern: First.Last.FamilyID       e.g.   John.Wishart.14007
We will be sending you your login information this weekend.

Why another email?  We created a google account for you to access our google domain resources securely. It allows us to share dates and times with our community without having to post this data publicly. You will be able to securely access google drive documents shared with parents, see calendars, and join in-house google classrooms that teachers maybe using soon for home-school communications. It is the email login that gives you access to our domain.

Do I have to use the email?  No. We will continue to send mail to both your personal account AND this parent account. You could also redirect any ISD mail to your account so you do not have to open it.