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Phone System & Badges

posted Nov 23, 2016, 7:01 AM by
Phone System:   Have you tried calling the school and not got through?
Most people worry that the system is broken and not working.
Our analog phone system is not broken, it is simply overloaded.

Yesterday we discovered an error in the programming through a consultant. We now have 2 dedicated inbound lines, this should reduce our "busy"/no answers.
We actually have 6 lines; 2 were 'dedicated' to inbound calls, but the system was in fact using them for outbound as well, this caused our "busy"/no answers.

ISD is committed to improving communications. We are looking at implementing a digital phone system to address increased calls.

If any parent has experience in this realm, please contact me as we explore our options.

ID Security Badges:   These are now out to all HS students. MS students will receive theirs after the break. Students are expected to 
-wear their badge every day while in school (except playing sports...)
-tap in every time you enter campus (for evening/weekend times as well)
-tap out every time you enter campus (for evening/weekend times as well)

If students forget their badge they will have to sign in/out on the student book at security gate.
The badge can be used in the library as before to check out books

If anyone loses the badge it costs 3,000CFA to get a new one

The badge only needs to be near the Radio Frequency Reader, for it to be sensed. You hear a BEEP and see a GREEN LIGHT.
The sensor is not reading the bar code, so you can TAP with either side.
Some students keep the badge in the side of their bag and TAP their bag to enter.

When you tap in/out, security can see your card and your photo on their screen.